Colombian Skies ♀

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Very Potent & Exceptional Yield for Sativa Dominant Plant

Colombian Skies ♀ Cannabis Seeds

Very Potent – Tastes Like Old Time Columbian

Colombian Skies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • In Stock – Product Code- CSF (Feminized) ♀[Colombian Gold x Endless Sky]
  • Wonderfully Potent
  • Potency: 4½ out of 5
  • Bouquet: Earthy
  • Taste: Like Old Time Colombian!
Colombian Skies (1)

SATIVA Dominant


Outdoor Growing Tips 

Being a large plant and a heavy feeder Columbian Skies prefers a lot of root space and a warm root Zone. Outdoor Growers are advised where possible to use French Hills amended with lots of rotted leaves, chopped straw, or sphanum moss for good root penetration, water retention and drainage.