Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Imagine a Sativa Lovers Plant That Can Finish AS Early As Late August

Iranian Cindy 99 ♀ Cannabis Seeds

Superb Cindy Taste and Effect.

Iranian Cindy 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • In Stock – Product Code- IC99F (Feminized) ♀

  • Imagine a C99 that will Finish Outside in Northern Climates.

  • Superb Cindy Taste and Effect.

  • Taste: Fruity – Pineapple – Citrus

  • Potency: 4½ out of 5

AB-Iranian Cindy 99 (2)
SATIVA Dominant

For the earliest possible outdoor harvest, we offer these tips.

If possible start your plants in a cold frame, mini Greenhouse or other covering under natural daylight, 2 weeks before the last Spring frost date. This is WAY better than starting under lights.

Use a 5-10-10, 6-12-1212, 1-2-2 etc. granular fertilizer dug into the soil two weeks before transplanting in. Don’t guess all the quantity of fertilizer, use only what is recommended on the label for square foo, yard etc. Plant in hills or raised beds.