Feminized Cannabis Seeds

All the taste yield and potency of East Coast Diesel in an early finish outdoor plant.

Iranian Diesel ♀ Cannabis Seeds

Large Outdoor Yield

Iranian Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • In Stock – Product Code- IDF (Feminized) ♀
  • Excellent Cerebral Buzz.
  • Very Potent!
  • Taste: Like it Smells – Sour – Fuel – Diesel
  • Potency: 4¾ out of 5



Outdoor Growing Tips 

The best thing you can do for a bumper outdoor crop is to take a soil sample and determine the pH of your soil. In the fall it’s best but spring will do. All the fertilizer in the world is not going to help you if your pH is too high or too low for proper nutrient absorption. To feed your outdoor plants you need a pH of 6.3 – 7.0.