Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Iconic Panama Red For Connoisseur, Sativa Lovers.

Legendary Panama Red ♀ Cannabis Seeds

For eight long years, we grew out sample after sample of what people claim to be Panama Red. We even bought some so-called Panama Red from other seed banks. We were starting to think Panama Red was extinct and ready to give up when we found her. Not a good choice for amateur Growers.

Panama Red ♀ Cannabis Seeds

  • In Stock – Product Code- PRF (Feminized) ♀
  • Very potent, long-lasting
    and creative high.
  • Very high flower to leaf ratio.
  • May be grown at 12-12 from seed.
  • Potentially a good choice for SCOG growers
  • Potency: 4½ out of 5


Pannama Red plant

Indoor Growing Tips

Panama Red can only be realistically grown indoors on a 12-12. photoperiod. Start to finish and an exceptional choice for SCROG growers.

Outdoor Growing 

If you are a Sativa lover and have the climate to grow this plant outdoors we can not recommend Panama Red highly enough.