Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Very Potent, Largest, Heavy Yield Sativa Dominant Variety We Know Of

Classic Genuine Trainwreck 

Very Potent, Heavy Yield Sativa Dominant

Classic Genuine Trainwreck G13 ♀ 

  • In Stock – Product Code- TWF (Feminized) ♀
  • Heavily Narcotic!
  • Unique, Unforgettable Pungent Taste.
  • Bouquet: Pine with Earthy Tones.
  • Potency: 4¾ out of 5


Representative Photo

Indoor Growing Tips

We grow Trainwreck, G13, and Chemdawg under 1K lamps hung vertically in a checkerboard pattern spaced at 42in and flowered at 24in tall to achieve 3 to 4 lb dry weight per plant.